Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cincinnati Part I

Well, a month ago we were in Cincinnati for Fisher's EE treatment, and I am just now getting these pictures up. Thanks for your patience, and without further adieu...

This is how the cool kids get around at the hospital.

Waiting to be wheeled back for his biopsy

Recovery room...lots of yummy popsicles!

Skin prick testing...40 mins of blood, sweat, and lots of tears! Poor guy reacted to over 50 things. These are the itchy hives that pop up when there is a reaction.

These are food patches on Fisher's back. They have to stay on for 72 hours to see if he has a delayed reaction to a particular food. No reactions!

The Ronald McDonald House, where we got to stay.

There was a train table right outside our room that the boys played with every day.

We were so blessed to have some friends that live near Cincinnati - Katherine, David, and their two boys Carson and Tucker. They were a lifesaver during our time in Cinci, and the boys had such a great time playing together.


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