Friday, January 9, 2009

We're Back....

So, I decided to take a little "blogger-break".....for seven months.....but I think I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. I'm not even sure where to begin, so here's a brief update for everyone, and a funny Christmas story for those of you that are interested:

Paul - Yeah! Paul made a GREAT score on his GRE and was accepted into Lubbock Christian University's Graduate Family Ministry Program. He is so excited to go back to school (no, I'm not kidding).
Feydra - Yeah! We are expecting baby #3! I'm almost 15 wks along, and baby looks healthy. Please continue to pray for our growing family, and our precious miracle; specifically that baby is HEALTHY and continues to develop normally, and that the big brothers will love their new baby.
Fisher - What a little smarty pants! He's got his colors, shapes and letters down. Now we're just working on numbers...and keeping all of our clothes on throughout the day.
London - BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Constantly on the move and more opinionated than ever now that he's starting to form sentences "Mommy, book read, you!"

And here's the fun little Christmas story I promised:

We had a wonderful Christmas with our family in Abilene. The boys got absolutely spoiled with love, attention, and of course presents. Oh, and the one thing on Fisher's Christmas list this year, are you ready? A Diving Suit. I know, that's the face I made too. Anyway, he saw Santa twice this year and each time he sat on his lap and the big questioned came up, "So, what do you want for Christmas this year little boy?" the response left Santa looking a little bewildered and Paul and me a little nervous. Let's not forget the all-too-important piece of this great in the world was Santa going to find an afordable diving suit for a three-year-old?!?! Fortunately I was able to do a little detective work - for Santa, of course - on craigslist. Unfortunately, Paul was too busy playing with one of his Christmas presents to take a picture of Fisher frantically taking off his pajamas so that he could try on his new diving suit. So I guess these will have to suffice for now.
**Blogger is inserting all of my horizontal pics vertically, and I can't get them to rotate, so I'll just have to download them another day. Sorry!


Being a Star said...

My mom just told me your expecting. Congrats...I will be praying for you guys. Miss seeing you..I came to visit but that week most everybody was not there.

*Kendra* said...

Congrats on the new baby! We'll pray that all goes well during your pregnancy. A diving suit? Wow! I'm really impressed that you found one too...can't wait to see pictures!