Saturday, January 24, 2009

After the Week I've Had...

Do you believe in bad luck? As a general rule of living in reality I don't believe in luck. I'm not a superstitious person, never have been, never plan to be. However, after my week of kitchen episodes I'm wondering if perhaps I cracked a mirror or walked under a ladder and just didn't notice. Last Thursday we had gas leak in the kitchen. We noticed it right away and were able to get of the house with the boys and call a gas technician. Everything is fine, just a random "fluke," or so I thought. Then on Monday, I needed some extra counter space and decided to put a pan in the oven - the pan had a plastic lid on it - and of course, I preheated the oven for dinner without remembering to remove it. More airing out of the house and lots of melted plastic clean-up work for my wonderful husband (thanks honey). Tuesday roles around and I'm loading the dishwasher. Harmless, right? WRONG! As I'm closing the dishwasher I hear a loud shattering noise and open the door to find shards of glass everywhere. What went wrong? No idea, just the lid to my favorite cooking pot busted. Finally, today I'm fixing this really wonderful chicken and vegie soup (my fave on cold days like today), and suddenly the vent from the microwave, which sits above the stove, just falls into my soup. Are you kidding me?!? So, what is going on? Is it just my pregnancy clumsiness kicking in, or something a little less obvious? You tell me. Anyway, just thought I'd share my week of mishaps. Enjoy the pictures. Just London today. I'll post more later. Oh, did I mention that I cracked a bowl in the microwave yesterday, and yes it was microwavable. Nice.

My happy London right after his bath.

Love that smile!